Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Laocoon

Finally, after all this time I finished the Laocoon. It took me a while to get it done due to the limited amount of time that I had to invest on it, but little by little it was done.
I feel that I have learned so much with this piece, I enjoyed working on it big time, I sincerely could have spent a few more sessions working on it, but one of the lessons learned is that we have to move on, it is never going to be perfect and it is never going to be exact, we just have to know when to stop. I'm happy I did this exercise and that I completed it, at moments while working on it,  I felt it was going to be an unfinished piece.  It is good to challenge ourselves and push our limits a bit more each time, it allows us to grow in all aspects. My next challenge will be a still life, I have never been to crazy about them but I think it is an important exercise, so let's see what comes out of this next project.

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